​​Deviled egg, bacon jam, smoked leek aioli, pickled red chili, dill microgreen salad

Chicken and waffles - buttermilk maple-pepper waffle, crispy chicken oyster, sausage infused burnt scallion gravy

Steak bruschetta, cherry tomato jam, fried sunny side up quail egg, gorgonzola crumble

Toasted agave-corn bread, black bean cinnamon-sweet potato hash, avocado relish (Vegan)

House cured corned beef hash, new potatoes, spices, caramelized onions

Sweet potato and yukon gold potato hash - roasted jalapenos, red peppers, charred & peppered onions, pancetta

chickpea crepes, ratatouille filling, sundried tomato compote

Stone fruit salad with 

toasted almond and mint dressing

Arugula Salad, blood orange supremes, waffle croutons,

sunflower seeds, maple-tahini dressing

Blueberry cinnamon buns, thyme-white balsamic glaze

Tahini-fig oatmeal muffins, candied fig, rosemary whipped butter

Guava & cream cheese corn waffles, jalepeno infused syrup

Roasted pears, cardamom syrup, Buttermilk-Gorgonzola pancakes

Chocolate banana loaf, coconut creme caramel (Vegan)

Shakshuka - baked eggs, spicy roasted tomato sauce, red pepper, mediterranean spices, feta, house pita, cilantro cumin yogurt dip

House cured duck sausage, duck gravy, buttermilk biscuit, chinese five spiced blackberry compote

Frico eggs, crispy cave aged cheddar ‘pancake,’ sunny side up eggs, house cured chicken apple sausage, rosemary-honey focaccia

Paprika-tofu omelette, hummus, garlic, spinach, roasted tomato, vegan cheddar (Vegan)

Brunch Bonus

Check out our Mimosa Bar &

other bar options for your brunch 

in our 'Cocktail Party' section 

  ....Or check out our Classic Brunch Cocktails

Bitter Lemon Mary - Bitter lemon seltzer, tomato, celery bitters, bell pepper infused vodka


Blue Moose - Campari, grapefruit juice, vodka, blueberry curd, rosemary simple syrup 


Green tomato blood mary - green tomato smashed and juiced, celery salt, garlic oil, pickeled okra.


The Ides of Earl - Earl grey tea, milk washed bacon whiksey, lapsang souchong


Blonde bloody mary - cucumber, grape tomatoes, blonde ale, gin.


Hair of Mary & the horse  - horseradish, tomato, olive, pickle, pepper, asparagus, prosciutto, vodka, gin, balsamic vinegar


Bloody Caesar - tomato, clam juice,

au jus, olives, fresh green jalapeno hot sauce







Side Selections

Red snapper crudo, spicy pickled chilies, papaya, jicama, coconut-mint crumble

Spicy seafood stew, monk-fish, wild-caught marinated shrimp, little necks, house cured pork sausage, white beans, mustard greens, grilled parmesan crostini

Chilled creamy roasted corn and red pepper soup, cashew cream, saffron polenta crouton (Vegan)

Asparagus, carrot, and cabbage salad, tempura scallion, poached egg, sesame ginger vinaigrette, wasabi rice cracker

Grilled buttermilk marinated chicken thigh salad, granny smith, pickled red onion, butter lettuce, kewpie-cider dressing, caraway croutons

Farfalle salad, speck, ricotta salata, thin quick-pickled chillies, spinach, carrots blistered cherry tomatoes, tarragon vinegar aioli

Romaine and baby kale blend, tomato confit, roasted beets, pickled celeriac, crunchy chickpeas, cashew-citrus vinaigrette (Vegan)

Enticing Entrees

Grilled gluten free seed loaf panini, sous vide balsamic portobello mushroom, house smoked mozzarella, fire roasted poblano peppers, baby rocket greens, white balsamic garlic mayonnaise

Upside down cippolini onion cornbread, Korean BBQ braised pork butt, side of poppy seed cabbage slaw, pickled vegetables

Grilled baguette, thinly sliced beef, crispy shiitake mushroom walnut pesto, smoked gorgonzola horseradish cream, bitter microgreen salad, side of marinated tomatoes

Curry chickpea pancake, eggplant lentil salad, whipped coriander cream (Vegan)