About the Morsels and Mixology Philosophy

Morsels and Mixology is a team led by professional chef, Brian Bouchard, and Master Mixologist, Sean El Dien.  Bouchard, an award-winning chef coming out on top of his class at the Institute of Culinary Education, and

El Dien, a creative director marrying his stellar customer service, hospitality, and sheer passion of flavor pairing found his niche in mixology.  


Before combining their talents to create Morsels and Mixology, both partnered on a project to open an eatery and bar in the luxury tourist hot spot of Hvar, Croatia.  Bouchard moved on to serving celebrities as a private chef while El Dien continued to harness his skills in the art of mixology and competing in multiple mixology competitions.


With our talents in consultation and generating custom made menus for every event, our clients rest assured that there will be no event like the one at hand. While our team generates witty, thoughtful, and inventive ways of presenting food and drink, we also assure our clients that all of our preparation, cooking, and serving is done with the end result in mind. All food and drinks are guaranteed to be fresh, delicious, and healthy, while engaging you in a sensory delight!

In addition to our amazing cuisine, mixology, and pairing skills, Morsels and Mixology also works on the creative front. We offer our own vision and consultation on how to plan a perfectly smooth and interactive events. We supply tablescapes, bar set up, and theme appropriate supplies at the event for every client. Let us worry about the intimate details and allow everyone in attendance to enjoy themselves, especially you, our client! So pull up a chair and enjoy yourself with your guests. Relax! We mean it when we say we’ve got you covered!