& sides

Grilled salmon BLTs, pepper crusted bacon, lemon dill aioli, bibb lettuce, potato roll, baked root vegetable chips


Philly cheese steak, caramelized onions, roasted peppers, cheese sauce, tempura shallots and red pepper rouille


Asian pepper tuna, spicy lime hoisin mayo, asian pear cole slaw, bao bun, roasted seasoned edamame

Pulled bbq pork, tzatziki, broccoli sprouts, carrots, pickled plums, chilled corn and bean salad


Lobster roll, hominy tarragon slaw,  gaufrettes and garlic aioli


Chicken salad, apples, craisins, rhubarb, red onion,  ants on a log


Crab cake sliders, roasted Poland peppers, tangy garlic aioli, 'avocado fries'

Sunflower butter

cold noodles

Tuna sushi and white salmon sashimi

Thai basil

& Asian pear


Classic Thai iced tea

with white rum and

anise simple syrup

Bento box

& booze

Sweet n' spicy

ale cocktail

Belgain peach pale ale

with tabasco & lime

Thai iced

tea cocktail

Baked macaroni & blue cheese, panko crust, fried leeks

Bison burger, maple bacon, bibb lettuce, avocad, barbecue mayo

Cherry coulis

blonde brownie

Sensible Salads 

Greek salad, grilled lemon and currant vinaigrette, red onion, olives, feta crumbles, tomatoes, fried eggs


Asian vegetable salad, creamy cashew sesame vinaigrette, crisp broccoli, snap peas, wasabi peas, bamboo shoots, red and yellow peppers, chiffonade baby bok choy

Quinoa salad, kholrabi, apple, goji berries, pickled celery, peanut ginger dressing


4 course plated luncheon

        Amuse bouche                              First course                              Second course                              Third course

endive salad cup, avocado, radicchio, deviled egg, olive tapenade


cauliflower & turmeric soup, grilled cheese crouton, pancetta oil

Green tea vodka & lime 

Arnold Palmer with 

mint and

celery bitters

grilled halibut, dill, roasted fingerling potatoes, Kohlrabi, blistered tomatoes, lime salsa verde


Toasted mixed berry cake,

lemon curd filling, secret gelato

Cucumber and fennel fizz 

with Midori

and gin