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Pay it forward!

Morsels and Mixology had the great pleasure on Monday to cater a pre-launch event for a new platform named VIDYADHAN who has partenered with the SAROJINI DAMODARAN FOUNDATION. Vidyadhan has created a transparent platform to connect deserving, yet underprivileged students and scholars with mentors and scholarships to aide them in achieving their dreams and receive the adequate education. The students and scholars in turn commit to a "pay it forward" mentality to help those that are in the same situation that they were and become mentors for future generations.

This is a wonderful cause and we are so happy we were able to donate some of our time and proceeds to such a beneficial program for today's youth.

Please check out the website for Vidyadhan and become a sponsor or simply pass this on to someone who you believe could help this wonderful foundation and program.

For this party, we took a cue from the foundations main geographic focus, India. We made a delicious Indian and French fusion menu to compliment the focus of the pre-launch.

Pictured below:

Chickpea and onion crepe with shredded chicken curry topped with lime cilantro yogurt

Bitter Orange and Cardamom Martini with a Calamansi spritzed rim

Almond and mustard crab cake with spicy rouille

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