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Cocktails of Spring

I find it really tough to hold myself back from unleashing the amazing flavors that summer cocktails hold on to. However, I really wanted to challenge myself and figure the flavors, combinations, and techniques that would really set spring-time cocktails apart from it sister summer time libations. I definitely lent my focus towards flavors and types of alcohol that were more known for this time of year and gaining a sense of the fruits that were in season. I hope you guys enjoy some of these drinks on your own as I have listed all ingredients that were put into each cocktail. ENJOY!

Happy-Happy Hour! Finally some nice weather to enjoy one of these on the porch today!

BITTER-CHERRY WHISKEY-SOUR _____________________________________________________ Bulleit whiskey, fresh lemon and kumquat juice, cherry bitters, royal simple syrup. _____________________________________________________

Happy-Happy Hour! Making the most out of the not-so-spring weather and gaining inspiration from it.

Just whipped this one up....

SPRING DEW _____________________________________________________ vodka, green chartreuse, fresh spinach, pineapple, and kiwi juice,

elderflower soda, carbonated Lillet Blanc with an ISI soda siphon. _____________________________________________________

Happy-Happy Hour! We almost did not get a chance to take a picture of this because it is sooo good!

CLOUDY DAY ____________________________________________________ Gin, Soursop fruit juice, key lime juice, blue curacao, shaken with

ice and a pinch of salt for ice crystal which give it a great touch! _____________________________________________________

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