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Can't Rainier on this Cherry Parade!

Are you ready for another explosive cocktail gushing with late summer flavor? GOOD! Because we've got a cherrific cocktail to share with you all and it is so easy to make with ingredients that won't be any trouble to find. This cocktail is like a stone fruit family reunion perfect for your end of summer parties and get-togethers. Ignited with notes of peach found in NOLET’S Silver Gin, a combustion of flavor is sure to ensue with the addition of fresh Rainier cherries and sour cherry jam.

Don't blow up just yet! The final inclusion of dry orange soda swoops in to save the day by extinguishing this fiery phenomenon and offers beautiful balance for this thirst-quenching end of summer sparkler. Get ready for your final summer blow-outs with this cocktail that you will be sure to cherry-ish!

Cherry Bomb Cocktail Recipe:


· NOLET’S Silver Gin

· 1 tsp. Sour Cherry Jam

· 1/2 oz. Lemon Juice

· Pitted & Halved Fresh Rainier Cherry

· Bitter or Dry Orange Soda

· Ice


1. Combine a spoonful of sour cherry jam, lemon juice, and 4-5 pitted Rainier cherries into a tall or highball glass and muddle the ingredients together to create a syrup like texture.

2. Fill the cocktail glass with ice over the muddled ingredients and pour 2 oz. NOLET’S Silver Gin over the ice.

3. Top the cocktail with 4 oz. of bitter or dry orange soda and garnish with a Rainier cherry wrapped in half an orange slice and pierce with a skewer.

End your summer with a bang and make Morsels and Mixology's 'Cherry Bomb' cocktail made complete with NOLET’S Silver Gin!

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