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It's the Fennel countdown to Rocket Launch!

Get ready for lift off......Sky rockets in flight! This cocktail is better than any 'afternoon delight'! Who’s ready for the fennel countdown to launch this luxurious super simple summer cocktail? Well buckle up-this might be a bumpy ride! Herbaceous, and tenacious with the help of NOLET’S Silver Gin, our 'Rocket Blast' cocktail combines the fresh anise-like flavor from fennel, the peppery pop of rocket, a.k.a. arugula, and cuts clear through to the clean, earthy aroma of celery.

Burst out this cocktail for your sunny soirees and everyone will cheer that you saved summer! So round up these easy to gather ingredients, follow the countdown below, and get ready for blast off into this endless end of summer abyss!

Rocket Blast Cocktail Recipe:


· Arugula (a.k.a. Rocket)

· Chopped Celery

· Chopped Fennel

· NOLET’S Silver Gin

· 3/4 oz. Simple Syrup

· 1/2 oz. Lime juice

· Club Soda or Seltzer

· Ice


1. Combine a couple pieces of chopped celery, chopped fennel, arugula, simple syrup and lime juice into a tall or highball glass and gently muddle the ingredients together.

2. Fill the cocktail glass with ice over the muddled ingredients and pour 2 oz. of NOLET’S Silver Gin over the ice.

3. Top the cocktail with 4 oz. of club soda or seltzer and garnish with celery stick, fennel fronds, and baby's breath.

Save the last days of summer with Morsels and Mixology's 'Rocket Blast' cocktail, perfected with NOLET’S Silver Gin!

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