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Cocktails of Spring

I find it really tough to hold myself back from unleashing the amazing flavors that summer cocktails hold on to.  However, I really wanted to challenge myself and figure the flavors, combinations, and techniques that would really set spring-time cocktails apart from it sister summer time libations.  I definitely lent my focus towards flavors and types of alcohol that were more known for this time of year and gaining a sense of the fruits that were in season.  I hope you guys enjoy some of these drinks on your own as I have listed all ingredients that were put into each cocktail.  ENJOY!




 Happy-Happy Hour! Finally some nice weather to enjoy one of these on the porch today!


Bulleit whiskey, fresh lemon and kumquat juice,
cherry bitters, royal simple syrup.



Happy-Happy Hour! Making the most out of the not-so-spring weather and gaining inspiration from it.

Just whipped this one up....


vodka, green chartreuse, fresh spinach, pineapple, and kiwi juice,

elderflower soda, carbonated Lillet Blanc with an ISI soda siphon.



Happy-Happy Hour! We almost did not get a chance to take a picture of this because it is sooo good!


Gin, Soursop fruit juice, key lime juice, blue curacao, shaken with

ice and a pinch of salt for ice crystal which give it a great touch!


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